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Six 9s Launches iPhone/BlackBerry Survey App
Scottsdale, Arizona, September 1, 2009 -- Using its new survey app, Six 9s Associates, Inc. (Six 9s) enables survey respondents to easily answer questions using iPhones, BlackBerrys, and other smart phones. The Six 9s survey app displays the survey pages in portrait or landscape modes on the smart phone and avoids the difficulty in navigating over typical online survey windows designed for the desktop/laptop environment. The key benefit is to increase the number of survey responses completed rather than abandoned by smart phone users. The Six 9s survey app is immediately available to all its clients.

In a nationwide customer satisfaction tracking study conducted by Six 9s, it was found that only 71% of smart phone survey respondents successfully submitted the survey with a very high 29% of survey incompletes. In contrast, respondents using desktop and laptop PCs had a survey completion rate of 95% with only 5% incompletes. Noel Lesniak, Six 9s President, thinks that “this is likely due to the difficulty experienced by smart phone users, especially iPhone and BlackBerry users, to easily navigate the online survey window typically designed for the larger screen size of a PC. I believe that the use of the Six 9s survey app will reduce the number of survey incompletes overall by almost 10%. Of course this benefit will increase with the rapid growth of smart phone users worldwide.”

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Six 9s is a full-service, customer research firm that plans, designs, and conducts customer satisfaction, customer service, and customer requirements assessments and surveys. The results help clients achieve success by delivering powerful and actionable information about their customers and markets. Founded in 2001, Six 9s is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Scottsdale, Arizona, March 1, 2012 - Six 9s conducts multilingual customer research in German, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese...More...

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